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Blue Prosperity Coalition Commits $150 Million to Help Protect 30% of the Ocean by 2030

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Oslo, Norway, October 24th 

With funding from the Waitt Foundation, the Blue Prosperity Coalition intends to commit $150 million to ocean conservation over the next 10 years. These funds will continue to support and grow the Coalitions’ network of partner countries to expand global ocean protection. The Blue Prosperity Coalition is already working with multiple governments worldwide with commitments to safeguard over 1.54 million km2 of ocean space. Today’s new pledge – announced at Our Ocean Conference - will further the mission of protecting 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030.

Recognizing the vast threats facing the oceans, a global network of ocean experts including the Waitt Institute, National Geographic Pristine Seas, Oceans 5, Dynamic Planet, and the Waitt Foundation launched the Blue Prosperity Coalition to partner directly with committed governments to develop and implement marine spatial plans that sustainably grow blue economies and local livelihoods while safeguarding the marine environment.

The goal of the Blue Prosperity Coalition is to make progress on the global target of protecting 30% of world’s ocean by partnering with at least 12 countries simultaneously over the next 10 years. This funding commitment will go towards supporting existing initiatives and future government partners. Each government partnership will receive multi-year funding and expertise to enhance marine protection and grow sustainable blue economies.

Since the launch of the Blue Prosperity Coalition this year, four governments – Azores, Bermuda, the Federated States of Micronesia, and the Republic of Maldives – have joined the Coalition as government partners committing to protect 20-30% of their total ocean area. They join the governments of Barbuda, Curaçao, Montserrat, and Tonga, who have helped to pioneer the Blue Prosperity method of advancing ocean protection through Marine Spatial Planning and sustainable development of ocean industries in partnership with founding Coalition member, the Waitt Institute. Barbuda, the pilot site of this method, protected 33% of their ocean waters in 2014, and other partners are making significant progress towards turning ocean commitments into implemented and enforced protected areas.

“The oceans are in a crisis; the science is clear. The time for action is now; it’s time to stop talking about it and time to start doing something about it.” said Ted Waitt, Founder and Chairman of the Waitt Foundation and Institute.

“Around the world, job security depends on our oceans. By recognizing that healthy oceans are key to mitigating climate change and ensuring food security and livelihoods, we are protecting our future.” Said John F. Kerry, former US Secretary of State.

Newest partners David W. Panuelo, President of the Federated States of Micronesia and Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, President of the Republic of the Maldives, took the stage at the most recent United Nations General Assembly meeting to share how their countries are leading the way in growing their sustainable economy, addressing climate change, and pushing the frontiers of scientific discovery.

President Panuelo said: “The Coalition’s goal of growing economies while achieving 30% marine protection globally is ambitious, as it should be. After all, there are no more ambitious stakes than ensuring the next generation can count on oceans that many too often take for granted.”

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