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Waitt Institute Welcomes Blue Economy Director Noah Greenberg, Dr. Angus Friday Steps into New Role

Waitt Institute Welcomes Blue Economy Director Noah Greenberg, Dr. Angus Friday Steps into New Role as Strategic Partnerships Director

The Waitt Institute welcomes Noah Greenberg as its new Blue Economy Director. Noah has 20 years of experience in environmental sustainability, most recently as Director of Starling Resources, a Bali-based environmental consulting group. During his 11 years in this position, Noah worked with governments, communities, the private sector and international funders and experts, overseeing a global portfolio of projects focusing on the financing, strategy, capacity, communities, and policy underpinning conservation and sustainable natural resource stewardship.

He led and supported several projects focused on financial planning for marine conservation throughout the Asia Pacific region, including in the Cook Islands, Indonesia, Kiribati, Palau, Seychelles and more. Noah was also involved in the establishment of a first-of-its kind public service agency for conservation management, conservation trust fund design, forestry concession valuation, and the establishment of multi-stakeholder fisheries management committees. In 2022, he co-wrote a sustainable finance paper published by UNEP.

Prior to joining Starling Resources, Noah played a key role in a carbon credit development startup, managing a wholly-owned subsidiary based in Delhi, India. While working towards his MBA at the University of Maryland, Noah focused on finance and gathered experience in sustainable business and environmental markets, supporting a biodiesel startup and a sustainable forestry project. After receiving his MBA, Noah joined Environmental Defense Fund where he gained broad experience in carbon market structure and pricing, and REDD markets. Originally from the Boston area, Noah received his BA from the University of Wisconsin, where he founded a student-labor coalition.

Dr. Angus Friday steps into new role as Strategic Partnerships Director

Dr. Angus Friday will take on a new role as the Waitt Institute’s Strategic Partnerships Director. In this new position, he will lead efforts to build a network of influencers, contacts, collaborators, and strategic partners to advance Blue Prosperity goals within each partner country. This will include engaging institutions and organizations, fostering relationships, and facilitating effective collaboration to ensure better alignment with the objectives of partner countries’ Blue Prosperity programs. He will engage with a wide range of organizations, such as NGOs, multi-and bi-lateral organizations, development banks, impact investment funds, businesses, and public bodies that are engaged in complementary efforts that align with current and future BPC initiatives. Dr. Friday joined the Waitt Institute in 2020 to lead the design and implementation of WI’s Blue Economy portfolio. Over the past three years, he has led the development of Blue Economy strategies across BPC initiatives to sustainably grow ocean economies.

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